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Here at Paramania, we strive to produce fun wings, which are a pleasure to fly whatever level of pilot you are. We are a team of passionate paramotorists who love the simplicity and beauty of the sport.

Some wing manufacturers, who without understanding the full relationship between wing and motor, are converting free flying wings into paramotoring wings. It was the same for hangliders; in the beginning people were using normal free flying, non-reinforced hangliders for power. Then along came specifically designed wings that took the sport into new highs.

Paramania challenges the boundaries of practical design, and produces just such wings. Our products are renowned for their extreme stability, giving pilots confidence yet retaining the dynamic feeling which makes paramotoring so enjoyable.

在这里 Paramania我们努力生产有趣味的机翼,这种机翼不管任何级别飞行员都能感受到乐趣我们一个喜欢简单激情动力伞运动员 运动美的团队

一些机厂家,在不完全理解汽车全面关系的情况下,把自由航行的记忆转换成动力伞机翼。对hangliders来说也是一样的 开始人们使用正常自由飞翔的机翼,没有加固的 hangliders 电源然后接下来专门设计的机翼项运动历史

Paramania 挑战实际设计的边缘,并且只生产机翼我们产品以它极端稳定,是飞行员保持动感有自信使动力伞运动很享受的感觉闻名

The “Bivouac wing” revolution starts here!
Intermediate / Cross Country 

              GTX stands for “Grand Touring X- country” and it is the perfect wing for bivouac flying as well as anyone out for weekend fun with their friends and family.

The GTX is made for comfortable, fast efficient cruising, while handling rough air with minimum pilot input. The wing is the GTR’s little brother and has the same agility and fun – but a more relaxed feel.

The GTX is exceptionally easy to launch. Even on those wet mornings, heavy with dew and fully laden with fuel and gear, the wing comes up with just a pull of your fingers. It will reliably get you off the ground even from the tightest of take-off areas.

The risers and trimmer system give a wide range of speed, while maintaining precise light handling. Upon command the GTX can easily be slowed up for flatter turns and thermal efficiency. It is fast gaining a reputation as the best all-rounder on the market.

GTX 的舒适,几乎是高效巡航,同时处理粗糙空气以小试点投入。机翼是 GTR 同它的小弟弟和具有的灵活性和乐趣 — — 但感觉更轻松。

GTX 的是格外容易启动。甚至在那些潮湿,露水厚重的早晨,满载燃料与齿轮、 机翼就是给你手指的拉力。它将可靠地获得你离地面甚至在严管区起飞。

造反者和修剪机.系统给广泛的速度,同时保持精确的光处理。后命令 GTX 的可以很容易放慢皮瓣轮流和热效率。它是快速获得在市场上最好的全才的美誉。

In addition to the Paramania CLE* system; both the GTX and its cousin the GTR share the latest laminar flow MCJ reflex wing sections and include anintegrated drag reduction system; a series of carefully placed holes that equalize pressure at the trailing edge. The result is technology that has proven to be outstanding, giving minimal power differences between the fast and slow speeds, so a flatter polar curves and increased efficiency.

Since the introduction of this new technology, Paramania finds its self, once again at the fore front of re-evaluating wing sizing. The smaller sizes of our wings today are giving as much lift as the bigger sizes of yesterday and with the added benefits of easier launching, better handling and overall increased stability.

Combine the availability of the latest engine units, with improved geometry, power to weight and reliability and our sport is starting to move in a new direction; wing sizing is becoming related more to pilot skill level than ever before!

For example:- With our current wing designs; when lightly loaded are intermediate and simply require more advanced piloting skills as wing loading is increased.

This opposed to

Wing sizing being relative to engine power, pilot weight and how heavy a unit they could cope with or how much performance instability they could handle in a wing.

除了 Paramania CLE * 系统 ;GTX 和其表弟 GTR 共享最新的层流 MCJ 反射翼部分,并包括线形拖动减少系统 ;一系列的平衡压力后缘处的精心放置孔。结果是,技术已被证明是杰出的给最小的功率差异快、 慢速度,像皮瓣极地曲线,并提高了效率。

这项新技术以来,Paramania 发现自己再一次重新评估翼上浆的前列。我们今天的翅膀较小的大小作为昨天与好处更容易开展,更好地处理和整体增加的稳定性的大尺寸给尽可能多的电梯。

最新的发动机单元,可用性结合改进几何、 重量、 可靠性和我们这项运动的权力开始朝着新的方向前进 ;飞行员的技术水平比以往任何时候更多有关成为机翼浆纱 !

例如:-与我们当前的机翼设计 ;轻轻地加载时是中间,只是需要更先进的飞行技巧随着机翼载荷的增加。

这跟机翼大小是相反的,相对于发动机的功率、 重量试点和多么沉重他们能应付或多少性能不稳定他们可以处理单元在一个机翼。

结论仅仅是 ;我们的 GTX 22 米现在中等大小,是涵盖平均飞行员/马达重量最好的组合。

Paramania 总是有设置尽可能高的建设质量和结构强度标准一个标竿。遵循新的方向我们的运动是现在把它变得更加重要。这就是为什么 Paramania/MCJ 设计和工程,加上杜松子酒制造业将 GTX 的和我们最新的翅膀放入他们自己的一类。

像往常一样它配备通常每 Paramania 装饰品。

The conclusion simply being; that our GTX 22m is now the Medium size and covers the average pilot/motor weight combo the best.

Paramania have always set a bench mark of the highest possible standards of build quality and structural strength. To follow the new direction our sport is now taking it has become even more important. Which is why the Paramania/MCJ design and engineering, coupled with Gin manufacturing puts the GTX and all our latest wings into a class of their own.

As usual it comes with all the usual pro Paramania trimmings.

结论仅仅是 ;我们的 GTX 22 米现在中等大小,是涵盖平均飞行员/马达重量最好的组合。

Paramania 总是有设置尽可能高的建设质量和结构强度标准一个标竿。遵循新的方向我们的运动是现在把它变得更加重要。这就是为什么 Paramania/MCJ 设计和工程,加上杜松子酒制造业将 GTX 的和我们最新的翅膀放入他们自己的一类。

像往常一样它配备通常每 Paramania 装饰品。

The GTX is the third addition to the Paramania Action family of wings. It’s predecessors the Action, the Action GT and the GTR are pinnacles to progress in Paramotoring and the GTX is no different.

  • Low RPM necessary for lift and cruise speed.

  • Integrated drag reduction system.

  • Easy to launch, quick take off in short distances.

  • Flies straight with minimal pilot input.

  • Enhanced directional stability, both during launch and in flight.

  • Excellent handling, reactive and forgiving over a full range of brake travel.

  • Unmatched 100% pitch positive Reflex wing stability.

  • Simple uncluttered risers and control systems.

  • The highest quality from Paramania design / Gin manufacturing.

CLE* means "composite leading edge" - the word 'composite' is used to describe combining different types of material to enhance their mechanical properties and to make a new material. 
Over the last 6-7 years in conjunction with Gin gliders, Paramania have developed this system. It is incorporated into all of our wing designs. - CLE enhances the launching and performance by spring opening intakes and reducing weight

GTX 的就是第三个加入 Paramania 行动家庭的翅膀。它它的前辈行动在 GT 和 GTR 就在动力伞方面取得进展到达顶峰,和GTX 的是没有什么不同。






优秀的、 无功、 宽容制动行程全部范围内处理。

无与伦比的 100%正俯仰反射翼稳定。

简单整洁 riser 卡和控制系统。

从 Paramania 设计高质量的制造 / 杜松子酒。

CLE * 意味着"复合领先优势"— — 这个词复合用来描述结合不同类型的材料提高其力学性能,使一种新材料。
在过去的 6-7 年会同杜松子酒滑翔机,Paramania 开发了这个系统。它被纳入所有我们翼设计。-CLE 提高发射和春天开放的摄入量、 减少重量的表现。

Characteristics of Piloting

When you first take the GTX out of the bag the visual you get is materials and construction made for the paramotor. As you lay it out, the CLE* supported leading edge present the cells to the air, ready to fly in an instant. As you inflate the wing what you get is 100% launch success, the wing launches it's self no need for an aggressive pull, just move forward and it is in the air.  Even in light or variable winds the wing co


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